Commentary: Three Reasons to Use a Tactical Investment Manager Right Now

Terri Spath, Chief Investment Officer | 5/20/2020

Chief Investment Officer Terri Spath's latest commentary discusses three reasons why we believe using a tactical investment approach, like the one used at Ocean Park, may be the best way to mitigate losses and preserve client wealth.


Sierra Mutual Funds | 4/22/2020

Ocean Park CIO Terri Spath reviews the trends and challenges that happened during the first quarter of 2020, including the impact of COVID-19 on global markets.

Commentary: When It Comes Time to Buy, Will You Do It?

Terri Spath, Chief Investment Officer | 3/17/2020

CIO Terri Spath's latest market commentary discusses when might be a good time to buy, and the importance of using a time-tested process, like the one used at Sierra.

Special Edition Market Minute: Got the moving market on your mind...

Sierra Mutual Funds | 2/28/2020

The markets have been unruly this week. In a matter of days, we've seen months of market gains eliminated right before our eyes. It is times like these that we rely on our truly-tactical rules-based investment process and quantitative trailing stops under each holding. Terri shares her perspectives in this Special Edition of the Market Minute.

Market Minute: Diversifying with Preferred Stocks

Sierra Mutual Funds | 2/18/2020

Preferred stocks offer investors the characteristics of both equities and bonds. Though less volatile than their common stock counterpart, they still need to be managed tactically. CIO Terri Spath shares her insights in this week's Market Minute.