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We Believe in Disciplined Risk Management

In 1987, Sierra’s founders developed a differentiated approach to portfolio risk management. Today, the firm continues its aim of growing client wealth through two objectives: 1. participate opportunistically in global investment trends and 2. use a tactical discipline to help limit downside risk.


Since the Beginning

Founders David Wright, JD and Kenneth Sleeper, MBA, PhD, were pioneers in disciplined risk management, opening their first firm only days before the infamous Black Monday. Since the beginning, they’ve sought to help clients grow wealth and achieve their investment goals, diligently serving clients through even the most severe market downturns.

Our Investment Process

We deploy our tactical, rules-based process across asset classes and spectrums of risk. The outcomes we achieve are the result of this objective process, which we believe sets us apart.

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Trend Following

Quantitative, Rules-based

We evaluate buying opportunities when our quantitative decision rules identify an uptrend in the price of a security.

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Security Selection

The Most Complex Question

We seek to buy securities exhibiting strong risk-adjusted returns during a recent uptrend.

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Trailing Stop Discipline

Quantitive, Rules-based

We will sell a security when our quantitative decision rules identify a downtrend in the price of a security.

Finalist: Asset Manager of the Year:

<25B AUM (2023)

Although a finalist, Sierra Mutual Funds and Ocean Park Asset Management were not awarded Asset Manager of Year (for asset managers with less than $25B in AUM) when awards were announced on October 11, 2023. The MMI/Barron’s Industry Awards are co-sponsored by the Money Management Institute (MMI) and Barron’s. Finalists were announced in August, 2023. These awards are announced annually in October, based on achievements since the last award announcement. Sierra Mutual Funds and Ocean Park Asset Management did not directly compensate MMI or Barron’s for inclusion in the award nomination process, however both are members of MMI and pay fees to MMI for their membership.

Money Management Institute - Barrons

The Sierra Mutual Funds

Our mutual fund strategies address a full range of investor goals. Whether you are looking for a completely outsourced solution or to combine us with an existing manager, we have a variety of solutions that may be an ideal fit for your clients’ portfolios.

Tactical Bond Fund
Tactical Core Growth Fund
Tactical Core Income Fund
Tactical Municipal Fund
Tactical All Asset Fund
Tactical Risk Spectrum 30 Fund
Tactical Risk Spectrum 50 Fund
Tactical Risk Spectrum 70 Fund

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