At Sierra Mutual Funds (Sierra), our first priority is to attempt to keep our clients out of trouble. Our primary focus is to limit downside risk and to provide satisfying returns over a market cycle by reflecting Sierra’s current market and manager views.


Sierra was founded in Santa Monica, California, in 1987. Since the very beginning, we’ve made it a priority to focus on the goals, needs and concerns of conservative investors, and the strategies we use have been specifically designed to serve those goals.

The Sierra Tactical All Asset Fund, previously known as the Sierra Core Retirement Fund, opened in December 2007, and is managed in the same core style that we have applied to the majority of our privately managed accounts since 1993: a consistent risk profile, while reflecting the managers’ current market views. The Sierra Tactical Core Income Fund, previously known as the Sierra Strategic Income Fund, opened in December 2011, and is designed to have slightly lower volatility (a higher priority on capital preservation) than the Sierra Core Retirement Fund, while still being managed in a tactical style that reflects Sierra’s current market and manager views.

There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will achieve its objectives, generate profits or avoid losses.
†Includes predecessor and affiliate organizations



At Sierra Mutual Funds, our top priority is to provide a measure of risk management in uncertain markets. As such, risk control is a foundation of the Sierra investment philosophy. Our funds are managed with two goals:

  1. To limit downside risk (or drawdowns) of the overall portfolio.
  2. To reflect current market and manager views in order to provide satisfying returns for clients.

The result is a set of investment solutions that are managed to limit downside risk and provide the potential for steady and modest capital appreciation.

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