Observations and Perspectives: Show Me the Money

We are consistently hearing that bonds are making advisors and investors pull out their hair. Nearly three decades of generally falling interest rates has translated into a bull market for traditional bond strategies, but times have changed.

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Seeking Alpha

There is no Bond Bear Market

I see it all across financial media; people talking about the bond bear market. Writers strike fear into the hearts of their loyal readers with dramatic language, and the fear that you stand to lose a considerable amount from your safe investments. What should you do?



Sierra Tactical Core Income Fund (SSIRX) Renamed

The Fund Has Been Renamed to Denote it's Mandate and Approach

Santa Monica, CA (May 14, 2018) – The Sierra Group of Companies has renamed its Strategic Income Fund to better reflect the fund’s tactical approach to conservative investing. Now known as the Sierra Tactical Core Income Fund (SSIRX), the fund will continue to be managed as it has been since its inception.

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Wright: For 10% Bond Returns, Look to Munis

Barron's Video| 3.28.2017

It's time to take profits in high-yield corporate bonds and buy high-yield municipals, says Sierra Strategic Income Fund co-manager David Wright.

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