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Corporate Earnings Growth Predictions Could Cause Stock Prices to Continue Climbing

August 1st, 2023
Market Watch

Markets U.S. stocks are expensive by almost any measure. Here’s why they could keep rising anyway.

It’s become a common refrain among those who believe the 2023 stock-market rally seems too good to last: by almost any measure one chooses, equity valuations in the U.S. are looking stretched.

While this point is generally conceded by equity analysts, it glosses over another debate of potentially greater import. What impact, if any, do so-called fundamental factors like valuation have on stock-market performance, and could we really see them put the breaks on a momentum-driven rally?

At least for now, the answer may be that valuation is taking a back seat to hopes tied to artificial-intelligence and the strength of the U.S. economy fuel optimism that could continue to push the market higher.

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