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Forbes: James St. Aubin on the Benefits of Bond Laddering

April 17th, 2023

Different ways you can prevent an SVB portfolio nightmare with Bond Laddering

“If I have a 10-year window where I know that I’m completely safe from having to sell anything if the markets don’t go in the right direction, that’s a great place to be,” says James St. Aubin, chief investment officer of Sierra Mutual Funds and Ocean Park Asset Management, in Santa Monica, California.

This strategy can work well for somebody approaching, or in, retirement who wants to maintain a separate investment portfolio for growth, which may also include bonds or bond funds. That’s a reasonable way to look at it because while you can probably do a fairly good job of estimating your expenses for 5-10 years, you may have only the fuzziest idea of how long you need your overall savings to last.

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