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Sierra CIO Tells MarketWatch What May Happen When Fed Loosens Quantitative Tightening

January 24th, 2024
Market Watch

“Here are 3 things investors need to know about how the Fed might roll back quantitative tightening”

The notion that the Federal Reserve will soon slow, or perhaps even end, its program of quantitative tightening is increasingly being talked about on Wall Street like a foregone conclusion.

But while investors wait to hear more on the subject from Fed Chair Jerome Powell during next week’s post-meeting press conference, they could be forgiven for asking themselves some questions.

What might an imminent taper of the Fed’s balance-sheet runoff look like? Why has it suddenly become so urgent? What might it mean for the six or so interest-rate cuts investors are expecting from the Fed this year, as well as for markets more broadly?

The thoughts and opinions expressed in the article are solely those of the person speaking as of 1/24/2024, and not necessarily those of Sierra and are provided for informational purposes only. Any opinion or estimate contained in this article is made on a general basis and is not to be relied upon by the reader as advice. The reader must make his/her own assessment of the relevance, accuracy, and adequacy of the information contained in this article, and make such independent investigations as he/she may consider necessary or appropriate for the purpose of such assessment.