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ThinkAdvisor Interview with Sierra Mutual Funds CEO, Skip Schweiss

November 2nd, 2023

“Q&A: Skip Schweiss: RIAs Can’t Afford to Ignore These Big Trends”

A fast-evolving set of risks and opportunities is challenging late-career workers, retirees and the financial advisors who serve them, and those who fail to respond to shifting conditions could see hard-earned nest eggs battered by unforgiving market forces.

At the same time, financial services firms that manufacture investment funds and outsourced portfolio models are facing their own evolving set of pressures and prospects, leading to a fast pace of product development across the spectrum of mutual funds, managed accounts, exchange-traded funds and other investment vehicles.

The thoughts and opinions expressed in the article are solely those of the person speaking as of 11/2/2023, and not necessarily those of Sierra and are provided for informational purposes only. Any opinion or estimate contained in this article is made on a general basis and is not to be relied upon by the reader as advice. The reader must make his/her own assessment of the relevance, accuracy, and adequacy of the information contained in this article, and make such independent investigations as he/she may consider necessary or appropriate for the purpose of such assessment.